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Seclore FileSecure AutoCAD CIVIL 3D

Release Notes for Seclore FileSecure AutoCAD CIVIL 3D Plugin.

Seclore FileSecure AutoCAD CIVIL 3D Plugin
Aug 04, 2010

    External Dependencies:
        Seclore FileSecure Desktop Client version

	 1.	Support for AutoCAD CIVIL 3D 2009 operations. 
	 2.	Commands are disabled/enabled as per user?s permissions for protected files.
	 3.	Support for MDI mode.

    Known Issues:

	 1.	Only DWG and DXF file formats are supported.
	 2.	etransmit and archive commands for protected drawings
		will create a protected zip file, which is not supported.
	 3.	Publish command of protected file and sheetset containing protected files 
		is not supported.
	 4.	File-explorer context menus "publish", "plot" 
		of protected drawing is not supported.
	 5.	User having print access but no edit access, cannot print the file.