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Seclore FileSecure HotFolder Server

Version : (FileSecure Version :
Download PDF (20.3 MB)
Please note the following while you install the software on your machine

  • Please download and extract the installer by following these steps
    • Download the PDF file from the given link
    • Unprotect the file by using FileSecure Unprotect link on the right click of the file. You will need Desktop Client installed on your machine for the same.
      • You will need to provide a valid user credentials for unprotecting the file.
      • If you do not have the required user credentials, please contact support@seclore.com
    • Change the extention of the file from PDF to ZIP
    • Unzip the contents of the file using any standard unzipping tool
  • Please refer to the Hot Folder Server Manual for instructions on the installation
  • To check the changes in the latest release, you may visit the Release Notes.